Welcome to the highest court in the anime multi-verse. Anime Parliament® is where you can step forward as a character or just a concerned fan, and attempt to institute the changes you feel need to be made:


  • Do you want to have Relena Peacecraft kicked out of office?
  • How about giving Sango that restraining order against Miroku?
  • Want to make Akito Tenkawa the new captain of the Nadesico?
  • Why not petition to make Angelic Layer an Olympic event?

Just come forward, state your case, bring witnesses, and make it happen. But remember, not everyone in the Parliament will agree with you.

Be ready for a debate, because you’ll almost certainly get it.

Parliament All-Stars

Anime Parliament is celebrating its 10 year anniversary at AnimeNEXT 2012, and to celebrate we will allow all interested to have a chance to compete in the first ever Parliament All-Stars!

The rules:

1: Anyone interested in competing, regardless of their experience, may submit a case idea to magistrate@animeparliament.com. The deadline for submission is May 1, 2012, at which time, the submitted cases will be listed on the website. Everyone is welcome to vote on the 2 cases they would like to see presented at normal and 18+. Voting deadline is June 1, 2012.

2: Each person may submit 1 case for normal Parliament, and 1 for 18+ Parliament.

3: The top 5 cases will be given 20 minutes to present, debate, vote and sentence.

4: At the conclusion of each session, all members of the audience will vote on the "All Star" case.


The winner of Anime Parliament All-Stars will get a trophy, and their choice of 2 badges for either Otakon 2012, AnimeUSA 2012 or AnimeNEXT 2013.

The winner of Anime Parliament 18+ All-Stars will get a trophy and a certificate.

Remember that the success of your case in these events will not depend on whether or not you are victorious. Having a case surrounding a popular series, character or game will get more of the audience involved. Having arguments that will keep the audience interested will certainly benefit the end-result as well.

Remember, cases can only be submitted between now and May 1, 2012. Good luck!